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Re: Welcome to Windows XP Service Pack 4

Post by harkaz » Sun Nov 01, 2020 7:10 pm

travma wrote:
Sat Oct 31, 2020 1:24 am
I just realize that my sp4 system does not boot/logon fast as should be all the times, and I have to push the reset button. It occasionally stuck just before appear the user logon screen. That "stuck screen" does not have color (not even black). Event Viewer snap-in doesn't register anything strange. Registry does not have KB2782798 (relevant maybe?). That KB is absent on another sp3 system with user_hidden and 5eraph_pro (Zephyr) latest updates although 5eraph say that it's included. What role play the EXPIRETIMESTAMP in update.inf (from KB2782798 -x)? Installation of the official KB2782798 updates the registry with the relevant keys but I don't know which files update. How to found what they change?
Based on update.inf only the relevant key is added and no files are installed:
HKU,s-1-5-19\Control Panel\Desktop

This is the key that needs to be present in the registry. The other registry keys are placeholders to satisfy WU and qfecheck tools.

EXPIRETIMESTAMP plays no role, it is just an unused string definition. Probably it is used in other update.inf files released by Microsoft, internally.
travma wrote:
Sat Oct 31, 2020 1:24 am
5eraph wrote:
Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:31 pm
Removed the following updates due to inclusion in update pack 20170628.
What is "update pack 20170628"? Is there any inclusion how-to I miss? Is it superseded which 5eraph forgot to mention?
"update pack 20170628": 5eraph's Post-SP3 EOS update pack released on 28/06/2017. Not sure about what was meant by removing updates, but the KB4018466 was later mentioned as superseded.

travma wrote:
Sat Oct 31, 2020 1:24 am
What if culturally-aware interviewers are actually enemies eg. agents with an agenda which betray the Hippocratic Oath, and not really help anyone as they appear as big pharma salesman or in payroll and scammers with a degree? Where is the control mechanism body who evaluates the success/failure ratio of their job? Another human-specific disease is this virus as they tell that animals can't caught it. Then there is a bat :evil: which appear as a carrier of the virus. So I thing that the bat is not an animal. :? (extraterrestrial maybe?)
Then there is a evolution theory in which people came from monkeys. But the monkey is an animal. According to this theory people are animals, so why people caught virus (or schizophrenia) and animals don't?
Where is the honest scientists to prove/reject the "caught theory"? A perfectly healthy person can't caught anything and the "caught theory" is unharmed!


I was try very hard to understand anyone who own a bank, investor, stakeholder and I conclude that they deeply believe they had rights not really there. Maybe are covert grandiose psychopaths but can't abuse myself anymore to felt what they feel. An annoying mosquito actor had nothing to do with feelings like empathy. Is all about greed which is another name for "annoying mosquito actor" who believe that by hurting others it can grow.
Yes, interviewers can be enemies, as in USSR. That's why searching for biomarkers is important, because it can be helpful in making the diagnosis more objective.
Evolution refers to similarity and natural selection, there could phenotypes specific to more complex organisms.
Viruses depend on their ability to enter host cells and replicate, so the affinity of specific proteins at their surface with human cell receptors (which can be structurally different between species) explains the specificity of a viral disease for human hosts.

Viruses can be inside the body but do not cause appreciable changes in the phenotype (asymptomatic carriers). The healthy immune system handles the situation and infected cells are removed from the cell population.

Regarding bankers, and other stakeholders:
In my opinion, if one wants to truly understand a person, they should take a look at the habits of their family and friends, their cultural background and their social position during childhood and adolescence, when personality is developed. By mid-20s one can roughly predict the social course of person until their death. Life is too small for serious change, after all.
Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary intelligence and cannot accurately comprehend the personalities of public personas.
We can only identify dependencies and some habitual preferences.
Still, a rich person that was poor in their childhood would be completely different from a rich golden boy, because they would not have a prime social position during their personality development.

The most important years in the CV are the early years.
Windows XP Unofficial SP4 (2014, 2016, and 2019): viewtopic.php?t=10321
Non-IT stuff:
Retinal changes in schizophrenia (2019): https://academic.oup.com/schizophreniab ... 06/5598443

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Re: Welcome to Windows XP Service Pack 4

Post by travma » Tue Nov 03, 2020 1:32 am

harkaz wrote:
Sun Nov 01, 2020 7:10 pm
"update pack 20170628": 5eraph's Post-SP3 EOS update pack released on 28/06/2017. Not sure about what was meant by removing updates, but the KB4018466 was later mentioned as superseded.
To have an idea about the 20170628 meaning I'm tracking one of the rest hotfix there and finally end up with the KB4039384 (Unicode Script Processor), but that KB isn't there in 5erPOSUp.inf
Thanks for KB4018466 indication, I wasn't see it earlier.

I agree with the rest off topic post but the early development of a human seems to hit the same bad attitudes again and again over the centuries. I suppose that today parents/society has to be better from the previous one and the one's before that, but that's not the case. It's like that only the most corrupted create the current/given society every time, like it is some kind of filter in place with the purpose to erase morality, compassion, dignity and justice and other higher etheric values from the mortal level while these values create wealth and good life in the first place.

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