using inf or ini to delete a folder

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using inf or ini to delete a folder

Post by kaitsevaim » Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:48 am

Hi...a newbie question. Can i see somewhere a tutorial about basics of making an ini file. I know here is a topic about editing ini file (Defining Entries.ini), but i think its somehow different. Btw... what´s the difference between ini and inf files?
For example if i wanna delete a folder using inf (or ini) file how could i do it?

Lets make it concrete. I wanna delete links and microsoft websites folders in favorites folder of every user during svcpack install (i suppose). I know that i must edit the linksfoldername regkey value and change it to blank. I managed to add such entry, tested and it works, but the folders are still there. Which kind of entries should (or could) i add to do that? Can it be done using zipped entries.ini and merging with nlite or is there another way?

Hope someone understands my point here...:) Open for suggestions. 8)
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