Windows Media Center 2005 updated install disc

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Dean Somerby
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Windows Media Center 2005 updated install disc

Post by Dean Somerby » Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:19 pm

I have just completed making an up to date XP WMC 2005 install disc from Dell install disc. It is an outdated operating system but a few people might appreciate this, note about a dozen more updates were released after I finished this disc.
After about 50 failed tests. I came up with a simple solution. I found first information here,
I found a better way of installing update rollups than with RunOnce.exe. I now edit bonus.bat from OEM folder so they install after media center installation is finished.
Note Microsoft said service pack 3 integrating is not supported in XP WMC versions. Service pack 3 downgrades XP MCE 3.0 to XP MCE 2.8, downgrades WMP 10 to WMP 9, KB900325.exe won’t install on XP MCE 2.8 only 3.0 or 3.1. WMP 11 is supposed to depend on KB900325.exe. And many other problems.
KB900355.exe, KB925766 and KB930494 are the only Media Center updates that are needed, all others are either Windows Media Player 10 updates or in Ryan’s post service pack 2 or have been superseded by others. KB900325.exe and KB925766.exe will not install in svckpack.inf, they have to install after Media Center installs. They are dependent on a couple conditions,
HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \WPA \ MediaCenter REG_DWORD 0x000000001 (1) a regular XP install has a value of 0 and is not changed until after Media Center installs.
H KEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \MICROSOFT \CURRENT VERSIONS\WINDOWS\MEDIA CENTER ident. REG_SZ value 3 or 3.1, Value of 4 means KB900325 is installed. This signifies that is a Media Center 2005.
Net framework 1.1 and 1.1 service pack 1 needs to be installed first; they arein DotNetFx in all in one update pack.
Note KB 900325.exe are includes in NR_MCE_Installer_Addon_b2.rar, but fail to install I also tested Electrogen’s MCE update pack (beta 6), and KB900325.exe and KB925766.exe fail to install. They are integrated as separate hot fixes with Nlite if you use NR_MCE_Installer_Addon_b2.rar, or are put in $OEM$ folder and modify copy.bat to copy to Dell folder, Or make $1 folder, inside it make install folder and put them in it and adjust .bat file to match. ($1 folder is automatically copied to root of system drive during installation.) and are installed with BONUS.BAT after Media Center installs.
I tested 3 different ways to set up disc. The simplest way was to use NR_MCE_Installer_Addon_b2.rar . ... don_b2.rar .This is an installer pack that installs Media Center during XP install instead of at first boot like OEM installs it. I stripped out all of the OEM bloat ware. Integrated KB900325 and KB925766 into service pack with Nlite. Note KB900325.exe and KB925766 are in included in NR_MCE installer but fail to install. All updates install correctly.
The second and third were with OEM folder intact. First Method was to leave OEM folder intact. The second was to strip out oem\bonus\samples\documents folder, 1.77 gigs of samples, and BONUSDVD.MSI installer in $OEM$ \bonus \samples folder. . Next I edit DELL.INF ini file to remove line,
HKLM,"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\1020","Install MCE Bonus 1",,"msiexec.exe /i %24%\DELL\BONUS\SAMPLES\BonusDVD.msi INSTALLLEVEL=5 APPS=1"
Next I put KB900325.exe, and KB925766.exe in OEM folder, rename with 8.3 naming format as indicated earlier. Then I edit COPY.BAT to include

xcopy /Y /I /Q /R /H KB900325.exe %systemdrive%\DELL
xcopy /Y /I /Q /R /H KB925766.exe %systemdrive%\DELL
xcopy /Y /I /Q /R /H KB925766.exe %systemdrive%\DELL
Then I edit BONUS.Bat to look like this
start /wait %windir%\eHome\medctrro.exe /p /c /f %windir%\eHome\temp\gemreg.inf -RunOnce
start /wait %systemdrive%\dell\KB900325.exe /quiet /norestart"
start /wait %systemdrive%\dell\KB925766.exe /quiet /norestart"
start /wait %systemdrive%\dell\KB971930.exe /quiet /norestart"
The first line is Media Center OEM line, The second installs KB900325, and KB925766 install after Media Center, then install KB971930 IE Explorer 8 compatibly hotfix, It failed to install correctly in service pack.
Then I added these lines to CLEANUP.BAT, but I am not sure if they worked.
del %systemdrive%\dell\KB900325.exe
del %systemdrive%\dell\KB925766.exe
del %systemdrive%\dell\KB971930.exe

I left Emerald.exe alone (really 35 mb version of KB900325 with 8 other updates inside all are obsolete or in Ryan’s service pack 2 update pack. Note Emerald will install OK if WMP 11 is not integrated.) This way there is automatic reboot after install and all other settings are applied after reboot.
First I integrate WMP 11 with WMP 11 integrator, note sometimes if I integrated it after nlite all other updates failed to install.
WMP11 Slipstreamer integrate into CD with Nlite after WMP 11 is slipstreamed with WMP 11 slipstreamer, not sure if needed nlite says WMP 11 failed if not installed.
Post-SP2 Update Pack
Ryan’s add on pack 1.90,
DotNetFx all in one update pack, ... .4.7z.html

Nlite IE explorer 8 add on pack
Internet Explorer 8.0
NR_MCE_Installer_Addon_b2.rar ... don_b2.rar if used.
Various other software add on packs
Hot Fixes
KB969897 I had error with this hotfix, I was using wrong one need 4.72 MB version nor 4.87 one
KB913800 Digital rights management for Media Center. Log said it failed to install correctly.
KB912024 Update rollup for infered receiver.
KB971930 IE 8 compatibally update, it failed in service pack so I installed with bonus.bat as above
KB954459 broke silent install, I made it into a switchless installer with these lines directions here
RunProgram="KB954459.exe /quiet /norestart"
KB900325.exe, and KB925766 with nlite, if you use NR_MCE_Installer_Addon_b2.rar. Otherwise put them in $OEM$ folder, and use as above.
I ran qfecheck.exe, and all hotfixes were OK. I am not sure if qfecheck will recognize anything beyond Service pack 2 listed updates.
These should solve all problems with WMC version.

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