Slipstream Excess File Cleanup Software

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Slipstream Excess File Cleanup Software

Post by lapetite66 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:43 pm


I was wondering if there's a piece of software developed by someone on this forum that cleans up the excess files after using One Piece's Post SP3 Pack etc. (any version)??? I ask because I've found that when I go into my C:\Documents and Settings\lapetite folder I have tons of files that are left-over from slipstreaming.

At this moment in time I have 330 files in that above mentioned folder. Of those 330 files and folders only four are legitmate folders that belong and they are Desktop, Favorites, My Documents and Start Menu.

I know lots of people on this forum are familiar with DPs_BASE_1006(driver pack slipstreaming software) and one of the cool things is about DPs_BASE_1006 software is that it cleans up the excess driver-packs files once the driver-packs have been installed. Basically, I was wondering if there is a piece of software that cleans up the excess slipstream files and folders and if so where can I download it. If that slipstream cleanup software doesn’t exist…is there a chance that someone is thinking about creating it sometime in the near future???
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