[request] .Net 1.1 & .Net 2.0 & all updates in 1 pac

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[request] .Net 1.1 & .Net 2.0 & all updates in 1 pack, IE7, WMP11,

Post by wireman121 » Wed Dec 20, 2006 4:22 pm

It seems there are a feq posts about this, but whenever someone lists links to downloads, there are always more than 1 link, and I apparently along with others, can not figure out which one to use.... I am not sure about anyone else, but what I am looking for is a combined update pack that has all .net 1.1 and 2.0 including up to date hotfixes. The current one I am using is only missing KB922770 & KB917283.

Although this should probably be a whole other 3 topics, I am also wondering if anyone has developed update packs including IE 7, windows media player 11, and Windows Defender...all with up to date hotfixes, of course.

I am looking to eventually use nlite to integrate these onto a Win XP Pro SP2 CD...

Thanks for any help

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Post by end3rkid » Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:58 pm

For Framework .NET 1, 2 and 3 integrations look here:

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