[Release] Alien Arena 2009

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[Release] Alien Arena 2009

Post by *Reaper* » Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:41 pm

Alien Arena 2009 7.30


Information: Info
Version: 7.30
Addon Release Date: Sept. 15, 2009
Shortcut created in: All Programs\Games
Uninstallable: Yes
Credit: *Reaper*

What's New

7.21 - 7.30 changelog

1. Rscript shader optimizations, fixed bug with flushing.
2. Fixed maxclients so that timedemo and other items can be run.
3. Added new textures and meshes for maps.
4. Added dm-deimos2k9.
5. Added realistic sun object.
6. Quake4 style explosion shockwave effect.
7. Added type option for vegetation shaders(grass and leaves).
8. Fixed and modified cvar r_speeds operation.
9. Added dm-warmachine2k9.
10. New scoreboards.
11. Rewrote mesh rendering routines, removed ordered iteration for non-legacy code.
12. Replaced all fixed function mesh per-pixel lighting routines with GLSL.
13. Removed Cybergirl until UV maps and animations can be fixed.
14. Changed lighting in player setup menu.
15. Added support for scrolling and glow effects for GLSL mesh shaders.
16. Improved accuracy of real-time lighting of meshes in GLSL.
17. New player model, Slashbot.
18. Much faster shadow rendering.
19. Fixed map voting string.
20. Low skill bots no longer user disruptors or vaporizers.
21. Added Mouse Smoothing(adaptive sensitivity).
22. Constrain overbrights to valid values.
23. Eliminate duplicate putenv() calls.
24. Updated blaster skin, fixed uv maps.
25. New HUD for AA2k9.
26. Ejecting brass now makes noise.
27. Add gl_showpolys.
28. Fixed some bad water normalmaps.
29. New player character, the Commander.
30. Added voice taunt system.
31. Fixed bug in func_rotating flags.
32. Rescaled Violator view weapon.
33. Added ctf-frost2k9.
34. Added dm-invasion.
35. Better culling of grass.
36. Fixed bullets endless bouncing in some cases.
37. Added water splash entity(misc_watersplash).
38. Added OpenAL 1.1 sound system.
39. Replaced all music with stero files.
40. Rocket, rocket launcher sound effects changed.
41. Vaporizor sound effect changed.
42. Disruptor no longer sends sound to entire level.
43. Added GLSL post process framebuffer effects.
44. Added explosion distortion(using GLSL FB effect).
45. Added pain distortion(using GLSL FB effect).
46. Added widescreen resolutions to non-custom list.
47. Updated menus with new options.
48. Added aoa-frost2k9.
49. Allow alt-fire to respawn players.
50. Added dm-chasmatic2k9.
51. Added normalmaps for vehicles, consoles, and powerup items.
52. Fixed bug with normalmaps getting gamma correction.
53. Added smoke to explosions, updated smoke effects.
54. Flag return for campers who die from anti-camp.
55. Resampled sounds that need to be upsampled.
56. Status explanations of video settings.
57. Added doppler effect setting.
58. Fixed bug with normals array being undersized.
59. Updated vehicle icons.
60. Added dm-command2k9.
61. Added Ogg-vorbis support.
62. Slight repositioning of beamgun.
63. Fixed menu bug with dynamic lights, bulletproof the menu from doing bad things with settings.

Size: 227 mb
MD5: 63ebf0af1ad858d5b6be82d9bbf3c7ce


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Post by *Reaper* » Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:31 pm

updated to version 7.30

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Post by minutka15 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:34 pm

Thanks for great addon, but could you make silent installer for it?
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