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Member-Submitted Addon Packs Download List

Post by Siginet » Wed Oct 05, 2005 2:43 pm

*Note* This thread will be phased out soon. The new Addons Database will be here:

Anyone can register to have an addon posting account by going here: ... p?register
Please Register with your user account name and email address that you use at I will make sure both match before activating your account. I will also verify that you are currently active on the forum.


Please reply to this thread only if you would like to submit an Addon, Update Pack, or Tool to this list or if you would like to have an extant listing updated. :D

Member-Submitted Addons & Tools

These listings were last updated by 5eraph, 2007/12/16 01:10 UTC.
Last addon list versioning update completed 2007/09/17.
Culling of abandoned addon threads from list
will begin soon. ;)

Software Addon Packs

AIO & Multi-Addon Packs
Link dead -> AIO XP component Removals by ENU_user
Audio Utilities collection v2.5 by odyn1982
Kel's Control Panel A-i-O addon v7.9 by Kelsenellenelvian
Kel's Control Panel lite addon v1.4 by Kelsenellenelvian
Kel's Lite Addons Pack v4 by Kelsenellenelvian
Kel's Runtimes v3.9 by Kelsenellenelvian
Kel's Uber Pack v11.8 by Kelsenellenelvian
Multi-Theme Addons Pack v1.7 by Siginet
Link Dead - > Nirsoft Collection 40 or 46 Utils v1.1 by Aserone
RyanVM's Addon Pack v1.8.3 by RyanVM

CD-DVD Applications
Burrrn v1.14.b2 by Mrs Peel
CDImageGUI vBeta3 by Kelsenellenelvian
DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 by Aserone
DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15 by Aserone
DVD Styler v1.5.1 by Mrs Peel
HighMAT CD Burning v1.1 by Xable
Link Dead -> ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 by Aserone
ImgBurn v2.3.2.0 by Mrs Peel
PgcEdit v8.4 by Mrs Peel
VCDGear v3.56.050213b by Mrs Peel

Control Panel Extensions
Advanced Shell for UPX CPL v1.25 by Kelsenellenelvian
BootVis CPL v1.3.37.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
CDImageGUI CPL vbeta3 by Kelsenellenelvian
ClearType CPL v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Link Dead -> CPUz CPL v1.41 by ricktendo64
Link Dead -> Créateur Addon v1.9.9.91 & SFX v0.7.1.6 CPL by ricktendo64
DirectX CPL v9.0c by Kelsenellenelvian
Driver Backup Utility CPL v0.79b by ricktendo64
Hoster CPL v3.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
HOSTS Secure CPL v1.1 by DumpyDooby
MemTest CPL v3.5 by Kelsenellenelvian
Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard v5.2.3790.67 by Kelsenellenelvian
Microsoft TimeZone v2.1.30.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Microsoft VirtualCD v2.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
MSConfig CPL v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
MSI CleanUp Utility CPL v4.4 by Kelsenellenelvian
nVidia nVmixer v1.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Open CMD Prompt v1.0 by ricktendo64
Pserv Services and Devices v2.7 by Kelsenellenelvian
Regedit CPL v1.0 by Jondar
Registry Tweaker CPL v2.1.2.283 by Mrs Peel
ResHack CPL v3.4.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
SafeXP CPL v1.5.7.14 by Kelsenellenelvian
StartupCPL v1.0 by Xable
TweakUI CPL v2.10.0.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
User Accounts 2 CPL v1.2 by Kelsenellenelvian
Vista System Properties CPL v1.8 by ricktendo64
WhyReboot CPL v1.0.1.537 by Mrs Peel
WinAudit CPL v2.23 by Mrs Peel
Windows Updates List CPL v1.21 by Kelsenellenelvian
Link Dead -> WMPlayer 11 Integrator v1.0b60 by ricktendo64
WinSock XP Fix v1.2 by Kelsenellenelvian
Windows XP PowerPacker CPL v1.0rc7.1 by Kelsenellenelvian

Desktop Applications
Acrobat 7.0.7 Reader by Heathy
Agent Ransack v1.7.3.332 by Mrs Peel
Link Dead -> CLCL v1.1.2 by Aserone
DAMN NFO Viewer v2.10.0032 by Mrs Peel
Directory Lister v0.9.1 by Mrs Peel
Directory Printer v5.2 by Mrs Peel
ESB Calculator v6.2.1 by Mrs Peel
Folder Creator v1.02 by Mrs Peel
Foxit Reader v2.0 build 1606 by Xable
FreshFiles Finder v1.1.0 by Mrs Peel
Link Dead -> LClock/Longhorn System Clock v1.62b by dgelwin
Link Dead -> MetaPad v1.0 by Skitty
Microsoft Calculator Plus v1.3 by Xable
Link Dead -> NotePad 2 v1.0 by Skitty
NotePad++ v4.6 by Kelsenellenelvian
Link Dead -> NotePad++ Launcher by T D
Rename Master v2.7.5 by Mrs Peel
Resource Hacker v3.4.0.79 by Kelsenellenelvian
Start Button Renamer v2.02 by Kelsenellenelvian
Taskbar Shuffle v2.2 by Mrs Peel
TaskSwitchXP v2.0.11 by Mrs Peel
TransTaskBar v1.2 addon v2.02 by Kelsenellenelvian
TrayIt! v4.6.5 by Mrs Peel
TreeCopy v1.11 by Mrs Peel
ViStart Build 2661 by ricktendo64
WallPaper Changer v2.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Windows Sidebar XP/2003 (w/Alky for Apps) by ricktendo64
Window Sizer v3.3 by Mrs Peel
WinRoll v2.0 by Mrs Peel
WordWeb Lite v5.00 by Mrs Peel
Xplorer2 Lite v1.6.5.3 by Mrs Peel
Yod'm 3D 1.4 Addon v1.0 by MrNxDmX

Games Applications
Absolutist Flash Games v1.1 by Mrs Peel
FreeWare Games v1.2 by Mrs Peel
Neave Flash Games v1.1 by Mrs Peel
Windows Vista Games AIO (ported to XP) by MrNxDmX

Graphics Applications
Cool Ruler v1.5 by Mrs Peel
Icons Extractor v1.41 by Mrs Peel
Link Dead -> Irfanview v3.98 (Multi-language) by Firestorm
MWSnap v3.00.0.74 by Mrs Peel
The Font Thing v0.80b2 by Mrs Peel
TopStyle Lite v3.10 by Mrs Peel
XnView Complete (Low Calorie Edition) v1.91.4 by Mrs Peel
Zoom Plus v1.100 by Mrs Peel

Hacked & System Files
AIO List of Patched System Files by Zacam
Bootable XP on USB2 drive by ENU_user
DriverPacks Base 7.05.2 by ricktendo64
Files needed for IExpress v1.0.1 by the_guy
Link Dead -> NotePad 2 Integration v1.0.12 by dgelwin
Microsoft CabSDK Pack v1.0 by Armond
Link Dead -> Microsoft MakeCab v1.00.0601 by Denney
OpenAl Runtimes v1.9.9 by Kelsenellenelvian
Original HDA Inf Files Replacer Addon by MrNxDmX
Prio - Process Priority Saver Addon v1.3 by MrNxDmX
XP Raid 5 Hack v1.0 by Rikgale

Internet Applications
Album Cover Art Downloader v1.6.0 by Mrs Peel
Firefox Bookmark Cleaner v1.0.2.0 addon v1.1 by Xable
FlashGet v1.9.6.1073 by ricktendo64
FreeDB Easy Navigator v1.2.5.0 by Mrs Peel
Internet Explorer 7 English with Updates v1.0.6b by MrNxDmX
MozBackup v1.4.7 by Mrs Peel
Link dead -> MSN Messenger v7.5 by dgelwin
Net Transport v1.90.267 by Mrs Peel
Opera Default Browser v8.54 by Mrs Peel
POP Peeper v3.0.1.0 by Mrs Peel
Rapget v1.36 by ricktendo64
Screamer Radio v0.3.8 by Mrs Peel
SoulSeek v156c by Mrs Peel
Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.80 by ricktendo64
uTorrent v1.7.4.4482 by Mrs Peel

Miscellaneous Addons
1337 Converter v0.51 by Kelsenellenelvian
AveIconifier2 v2.1 by ricktendo64
BVProSvcDescriptions v075.19 by ENU_user
Classic Setup Screen for Windows XP/2003 v1.0 by the_guy
Method 2 Helper v1.5 by RogueSpear
nLite AddOn Maker v1.2.4 by ricktendo64
NTBackup for Windows XP Home v1.0 by the_guy
Office Update Engine/Office Genuine Advantage addon v1.6 by Xable
Rumshot v1.1.0.0 by ricktendo64
Windows & Microsoft Update v7.0.6000.374 by MrNxDmX
Windows Update ActiveX Control v0.9 by Daemonforce
European Union Expansion Font Update Addon v1.1 by MrNxDmX

Multimedia Applications
AC-3 ACM Codec v1.31 by Mrs Peel
Aspect Calculator v2.1.0 by Mrs Peel
AVI-Mux GUI v1.17.7 by Mrs Peel
BeSweet GUI v0.7.b8 by Mrs Peel
DGMPGDec Decoder v1.4.9 by Mrs Peel
EncSpot Pro Free v2.2b2 by Mrs Peel
Exact Audio Copy (Bundle) v0.95b3 by Mrs Peel
GSpot v2.70a addon v1.3 by odyn1982
HeadAC3he Decoder v0.23a by Mrs Peel
Koepi's XviD Codec v1.1.3 by Mrs Peel
Lame MP3 Encoder v3.97b2 addon v1.0 by Armond
Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 by Keytotime
Medieval CUE Splitter v1.0 by Mrs Peel
Mr QuestionMan v0.8b1 by Mrs Peel
Mp3 & Video Tools Addon v.2.0 by ghettochild
Mp3tag Editor v2.39 by Mrs Peel
MPEG4 Modifier v1.4.4 by Mrs Peel
Nandub v1.0rc2 by Mrs Peel
Quicktime Stand Alone v7.0.4 by Heathy
RenderSoft CamStudio v2.0 by Mrs Peel
TMPGEnc Free v2.524.63.181 by Mrs Peel
VFAPI Reader Codec v1.05 by Mrs Peel
VirtualDubMod v1. by Mrs Peel
VirtualDub-MPEG2 v1.6.19.24560 by Mrs Peel
Windows Media Player 10 v3.1a by RyanVM
WinLAME Mp3 Encoder vPR4 by Mrs Peel
WMP Lyrics Plugin v0.3 by 5eraph

Network Applications
Advanced LAN Pump v2.32 by Mrs Peel
Atomic Clock Sync v2.7.0.3 by Kelsenellenelvian
Copy Handler v1.28 by Mrs Peel
HFS File Server v2.2a.125 by Mrs Peel
IP2 v1.04 by Mrs Peel
NetMeter v1.1.3 by Mrs Peel
Sam Spade v1.14 by Mrs Peel
Time Synchronizer v2.0 by Mrs Peel
Visual Ping v0.8 by Mrs Peel
WinSCP v4.0.5 by Kelsenellenelvian

Security Applications
Ad-Aware SE Personal v1.06 + AutoUpdater by Siginet
COMODO Firewall Pro v3.0.14.276 by ricktendo64
KeePass Password Safe v1.08 by Mrs Peel
Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.5 by Zacam
McAfee AVERT Stinger v3.4.9 by Mrs Peel
PeerGuardian NT v2.0.b6 by Mrs Peel
SpyWare Blaster v3.5.1 by ricktendo64
TrueCrypt v4.2a by Aserone
xp-AntiSpy 3.96-4 plus Cpl Addon by MrNxDmX

Switchless Installer Packs
Are listed in the Switchless Installer Packs Sub-Forum.

Windows Cursor Packs
Aero Cursors Addon Pack v1.1 by MrNxDmX
Aero II Cursors v1.2 by ricktendo64
All in One Cursor Pack v1.9 by MrNxDmX
BlackSpins V3 Cursor Pack by ricktendo64
Chrome Glass Cursors Addon Pack v1.2 by MrNxDmX
Contrast Black v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Contrast White v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Gant Cursors 2006 volumes 1 & 2 v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Fedora & Fedora Inverse v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Mac OSX Cursor Pack v1.1 by ricktendo64
OSX4XP v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Vista RTM Final Aero Cursors Pack v1.0 br UtCollector
xFree Cursors v1.2 by MrNxDmX
XZ-B-ONE & XZ-B-ONE Light Cursors Addons v1.0 by MrNxDmX

Windows Shell Extensions
Advanced Shell for UPX v3.2.1.2007 by Kelsenellenelvian
Attribute Changer v5.23 by Zacam
Attributes Context Menu v1.1 by Xable
Change FileCase v2.0.2.31 by Mrs Peel
CMD Prompt Here Shell v1.2 by Mrs Peel
Command Prompt Here v1.4 by Kelsenellenelvian
Cabinet Tools SDK Bundle in "SendTo" v2.2 by Mrs Peel
Disable Windows Picture & Fax Viewer v1.3 by Mrs Peel
FGCBA in "SendTo" style v0.897 by Kelsenellenelvian
Gmail Drive v1.0.12 by ricktendo64
Find Target addon v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Image Resizer Powertoy v1.2 by orcoxp
Jdoe's CabTool in "SendTo" v1.8 by Kelsenellenelvian Tiny Hexer v1.7.1.4 by Aserone
MST TrueType Font Properties Extension v3 by Zacam
Open Expert v1.4 by Kelsenellenelvian
Open SubFolder v1.0.5 by Kelsenellenelvian
Reboot Into Safe Mode v1.0 by MOONLIGHT SONATA
Right Click to Create ISO v1.3 by odyn1982
RmEmpty in "SendTo" style v1.3 By Kelsenellenelvian
Run With Arguments v2.0.2.32 by Kelsenellenelvian
Sardaukar's DLL Registerer v0.2 addon v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Spiritpyre's File Extensions v3.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Taskbar Calculator v1.4.1.830 by Mrs Peel
Universal Silent Switch Finder in "SendTo" v1.4.1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian

Windows Theme Packs
Link Dead -> Brilliant Theme Pack by dgelwin
Brushed Inspirat themes v1.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Classic XP & Vista Theme Mods v1.6 by ricktendo64
Crystal XP's DLB 2 v1.2 by Siginet
Cyber Theme v1.1 by Siginet
Ferrari Theme v1.4 by Siginet
Foton Theme v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
HmmXP Theme v2.0.1a by Xable
IE Buttons v2.0 by ghettochild
IE7 Theme v1.1 by Siginet
InspiratSE Theme Transfomation v1.1 by dgelwin
Kel's Midnight theme v1.7 by Kelsenellenelvian
Kimbra's Theme v1.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Luna Element v3.1.3 addon v1.1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Luna Element 4 (Modified) v1.4 by Keytotime
Luna Element 4.2a by Kelsenellenelvian
Luna Element 5.0.x addons v1.5 by Siginet
Luna Element 5.05 (with alternate Start Buttons) v1.01 by Dumpydooby
Luna Royale & LClock Theme v3.2 by ricktendo64
MindWood Theme v1.1 by Siginet
ModBlue Theme v1.4 by Xable
MS Signed Themes Addon Pack v2.2 by 5eraph
My Desktop Icons v1.0 by MrNxDmX
OpusOS v1.5 Theme by Rappinhood
Original Royale & Energy Blue Theme Packs v1.4 by MrNxDmX
OS Minimal v2 Theme v1.4 by Kelsenellenelvian
PipeLine Theme v1.2 by Kelsenellenelvian
Rista Theme v3.1 by rytukz
RoyalMod Theme v1.3 by Kelsenellenelvian
Royale Noir v1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Royale Remixed v1.46 addon 2 by Kelsenellenelvian
SlateRefresh v1.5 by DisabledTrucker
True Royale Theme addons (Multi) by Kelsenellenelvian
Vista Drive Indicator! v2.2 by Kelsenellenelvian
Vista Icon Pack Ultimate - System Patch v1.1 by Rytukz
VistaCG Theme v1.27 by Rytukz
Vistaluna Basic v2.6 by ricktendo64
VistaXP Theme v1.4 by Kelsenellenelvian
Visual ToolTip 2.2 Addon v2 by MrNxDmX
Watercolor Lite v2.1.1 by Rytukz
Windows XP Bliss screensaver by Kelsenellenelvian
Windows Vista Energy ScreenSaver Addon v1.2 by MrNxDmX
Windows Vista User Account Pictures Addon v1.1 by MrNxDmX
Windows Vista Wallpapers AIO by MrNxDmX
XoddX Theme v1.2 by Kelsenellenelvian
Y'z Apps collection by Kelsenellenelvian
Zune addon v1.1 by ricktendo64

Windows Utilities
7-Zip v4.43b by Keytotime
CCleaner v2.03.532 by ricktendo64
Current Proccess v1.11 by Kelsenellenelvian
Dial-A-Fix(DAF) v0.57.7 addon v1.0 by MOONLIGHT SONATA
DTaskManager v1.50 by Mrs Peel
Duplicate File Finder v1.1.0.3 by Mrs Peel
Eraser v5.8 by Aserone
HashTab v2.0.4 by Xable
hkSFV Checksummer v2.0.1.84 by Mrs Peel
InCtrl5 addon v1.0 by ricktendo64
Index.dat Suite v2.9.4-SR1 (beta) by Aserone
Inno Setup Unpacker GUI v0.19 by Mrs Peel
InstallWatch Pro & InstallRite v2.5c by ricktendo64
jcarle's Compression Bin v1.2.4238 by Kelsenellenelvian
Lupas Rename 2000 v5.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Ninotech Date Edit v4.0 addon v1.0 by Xable
Ninotech Path Copy v4.0 addon v1.1 by Xable
NirSoft ShellMenuView v1.00 by Kelsenellenelvian
NTregopt and EruNT v1.1j addon v1.4 by Aserone
Once-A-Day II v1.1 by Mrs Peel
PETools v1.5.400.2003 by Aserone
PowerOff v3.0.2.0b by Mrs Peel
PSPad Editor (Special Edition) v4.5.3.2272 by Mrs Peel
RegAlyzer v1.4 addon v1.0 by Aserone
RegFile Merger v1.0.0.0b by Mrs Peel
Registry Mechanic v6.0.0.780 by ricktendo64
RegShot v1.8.1.20070620 by Mrs Peel
Restore Desktop Icon Sanity v2.0 by MOONLIGHT SONATA
Startup Delayer v2.3.125 by Mrs Peel
Startup Run v1.22 by Kelsenellenelvian
StartupMonitor v1.03 by Xable
Switch Off v2.3 by Mrs Peel
Taskiller (QuickLaunch) v1.02 by Mrs Peel
ToniArts EasyCleaner v2.0.6.380 addon v1.0 by Aserone
Uninstall Tool v1.6.6 by Kelsenellenelvian
Universal Extractor v1.5 by Mrs Peel
Unlocker Addon Maker v1.8.5a by Xable
UserCreate v1.0.1, for (un)attended user creation by Aserone
User Profile Hive Cleanup Service 1,6d Addon v1.1 by MrNxDmX
Visual Tooltip v1.22 addon v1.1 by Aserone
WAssociate v3.4.3 by Mrs Peel
What's Running v2.2 addon v1.0 by Aserone
WinMerge v2.4.10 addon v1.0 by Aserone
WinSnap 1.1.10 by Kelsenellenelvian

Windows Component Removal Packs
Disable Microsoft Update in RyanVM Update Pack by MrNxDmX
Remove LANG & WINNTUPG Directories by Siginet
Remove Unneeded Windows XP Components

Windows 2000 Only
Kel's Win 2000 CPL All-in-One v1 by Kelsenellenelvian
Transparent Icons v4.2 for Windows 2000 by Mrs Peel
TweakUI v1.33 CPL for Windows 2000 by Mrs Peel

Windows 2003 Only
Active Quicklaunch All Users Windows v2003 by Mrs Peel
Patched Uxtheme Addon for Windows 2003 Server by MrNxDmX
XP ScreenSavers for Windows 2003 v1.0 by Kelsenellenelvian
Windows Media Addon for Windows 2003 v1.2 by the_guy

Additional Tools

Addons_Undo by ENU_user
"Bâshrat Method 2" DriverGrabber by ENU_user
Custom Run Box Patcher v0.1 by ricktendo64
ResHacker PluginTool and Icon-Packs by ENU_user
SysInternals Addon Pack Builder 3.5.1 by odyn1982
WinRAR v3.62 Addon Maker v3.0 by Xable

NOTE: Please direct questions regarding addons listed here to the Update Pack Addons forum.

DO NOT Reply to this thread unless you are requesting an addition or update to this list!

This is not a general discussion thread!
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Post by RyanVM » Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:54 am

Note: Before requesting your addon be added to the list, check it isn`t already on there! Thank You.

Remember that it is the responsibility of each Addon Pack Maker to ensure that their release notes are accurate and kept current and to notify us when they have added or updated any of their releases.

Please help us to help you with this list by keeping us informed. Thanks in advance for your co-operation.
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Post by dougiefresh » Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:14 am

Dougiefresh's Hacked & System Files
Accessibility OC Add-On v1.3:
System Restore OC Add-On =
TaskKill Add-On =

Dougiefresh's Miscellaneous Add-On
Dougiefresh's IE Tweaks Add-On v1.0 =
Ram Disk Add-On =
Virtual Floppy Disk Driver =

Dougiefresh's Windows Utilities
Drive Space Indicator =
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