[Add-On] ViStart v1.6 (Build 3685)

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[Add-On] ViStart v1.6 (Build 3685)

Post by dougiefresh » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:20 am

[center]ViStart 1.6 (build 3685)
created by Lee Mathew Chantrey & Windows X[/center]

I started looking for a up-to-date copy of ViStart and all I found were out of date versions. With Ricktendo's permission, I've updated the contents of Ricktendo64's add-on with the latest version of ViStart available from the website. The version number of ViStart published in this thread has been taken off of the ViStart.exe executable.

Website: http://lee-soft.com/
Download Skins: http://lee-soft.com/forums/index.php?board=5.0

FileName: Doug_ViStart_AddOn_1.0.7z
FileSize: 372 KB
MD5 Hash: 3D1EA815AA85BE13F1BA6D091C934FF1

Add-On Changelog:
v1.0 - Initial Release[center]
Visit me at home: http://xptsp.filetap.com

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