Update Pack nLite Integration Directions

nLite or newer is required in order to integrate the Update Pack. If you want to integrate with the Integrator, see this page.

NOTE: Please do not email me with nLite integration issues. Understand that I have no control over how nLite actually goes about integrating my pack into the CD. That is done completely on nLite's end. If there's an error with how nLite does things, I am unable to do anything about it. Check the nLite forum to see if others have the same problem and create a thread there if nobody else has.

First, make sure you've downloaded the most recent version of the Update Pack from my home page.

Next, select the location of your XP installation source.
Location Given

When prompted, make sure at least "Integrate a Service Pack" and "Hotfix Integration" are selected. If other options are desired, select them as well.
Integrate a Service Pack and Hotfix Integration Options Selected

Select the location of your XP Service Pack network install EXE.
Service Pack Selection Screen

After Service Pack 2 is integrated, the nLite wizard will refresh the window to reflect the updated version.
Service Pack 2 Integrated

When you reach the Hotfix Integration stage of the nLite wizard, click the "Insert" button and select the Update Pack archive file and any addon packs you want to use.
Add Hotfix Screen
Select The Update Pack

NOTE: Do NOT try to slipstream the EXEs for hotfixes already included in this pack! It is completely unnecessary and likely to cause major problems!

When a compatible Update or Addon Pack is added, the window will update with the hotfix' information.
Update Pack Integrated

Continue in the wizard with whatever other options you chose on the first screen. nLite will do the rest.
Wizard Finished


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